Sermon on November 20, 2022

November 20, 2022

Lay Reader: Bob Peterson

Scripture: John 6:25-35

Sermon Title: Seek the Eternal Bread

You can also listen on Podcast from iTunes and Spotify. Search for “Podcasting from Rev. Bob Jon”

Sermon: "Can These Bones Live?" Podcasting from Rev. Bob Jon

Sermon on Fifth Sunday in Lent (March 26) 2023. Text: Ezekiel 37:1-14 Title: "Can These Bones Live?". Scripture Reader: Don Goodick. Preacher: Rev. Dr. Bob Jon, Pastor at Aldersgate UMC in Chelmsford, MA. Please visit Aldersgate UMC for more information about our ministries. For Pastor Bob's personal blog, please visit
  1. Sermon: "Can These Bones Live?"
  2. Sermon: "Who Is the Blind?"
  3. Sermon: "I Am Thirsty!"
  4. Sermon: "Catch the Wind?"
  5. Sermon: "Lead Us Not into Temptation"

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