Follow Me …

I came to the Local Licensing School at the Rolling Ridge. I work as one of the faculties staying with the students for six days teaching in lectures and interacting with them. I have been working with LLS for the past eight years. I am usually the youngest one here among the faculty and students.

All these students are here because they heard the call of Jesus, “Follow me.” As Jesus saw Peter and Andrew working at their boat, he has called them out of their own places to follow him in proclaiming the kingdom of God. Some of them have abandoned their jobs and families so that they could follow Jesus.

I remember when I was sitting here as one of the students back in 2008. In being ministry since then, I wonder if I sometimes feel too comfortable where I am and what I do. Somehow I wish to hear the voice of Christ telling me, “Follow me. I will make you fisher of people.” I wish to be rekindled in my heart with the call of Jesus constantly.

I pray that God would bless these students with energy and growth. This is an intense period of study as they begin their day from 7 am and end at 9 pm. I pray that God meets them in their prayer, study, and conversation and remind them that it is none other than Christ who has called them to be here.


*Proof that God’s grace is more powerful than our weakness

When I attended LLS as student in 2008, I came out to join the breakfast still wearing pajama. All the other faculties and students already took the shower and dressed for the day. People are looking at me saying, “Bob, are you serious?” Well, I still passed it and am teaching as faculty today. I call it “the grace of God.”




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